Let's get ready!

How To Get Ready For Your Photo Shoot

In today's market, the VAST MAJORITY of potential home buyers will be viewing your home online BEFORE they choose to see it in person. Professional Real Estate photography is vital in successfully marketing your property. In order to present your home to it's fullest, we ask that you work off the checklist below prior to our appointment.

Home Preparation Checklist:

  • DECLUTTER! We won't take pictures inside of drawers or closets (unless you have a large walk in closet) so those are great places to store items
  • Make sure ALL lights (including lamps) have working light bulbs in them
  • Clean - YES dust does show in photos
  • Open ALL window blinds. The more light in the house the better
  • Remove items off counters/tables/dressers. Empty counters look best in photos
  • Hang clean unused towels in bathrooms
  • Remove/store all animal items (bowls, beds, litter boxes, toys)
  • Store all children toys.  If toys need to be left out make sure they are organized
  • Clean off desk/work stations - free of paper and small electronics
  • Make sure outside of refrigerator is clean and free of magnets
  • Remove coffee maker, toaster, kitchen appliances from counters
  • Hide all trashcans, Kleenex boxes, personal items (medicine, jewelry), bathroom toiletries
  • Move outside hoses, trash cans, lawn tools
  • Move any vehicles parked in the driveway or in front of the home

By taking the steps above to prepare your home, the images we provide are guaranteed to drive traffic and get your home SOLD!